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The plate carriers have evolved tremendously over the years since the war on terror began. From the traditional flak with LBV to now we have had some great products and not so great products. Good thing the market has so many options someone can find something to suit their needs. The United States Tactical Chest Rig is one of the first non-plate carrier platforms I have tested or even used. I have always been in the need or market for a plate carrier while at work and in the Marines, I was given a flak and LBV (yes I am old).

  • Double-sided chest rig is reversible with solid MOLLE panel and four permanent elastic AR/AK mag pouches
  • Accessory pocket ideal for maps, manuals, or CCW
  • Height-adjustable shoulder straps with quick-release buckles
  • Adjustable waist strap with quick-release buckle
  • All adjustable straps include elastic slack keepers
  • VELCRO strip accepts name strip and morale patches
  • 1000D nylon construction

The Reversible Chest Rig is nice, its simple, comfortable and plenty of customization ability. On one side of the rig, you have four pouches that can hold AR or AK mags, while on the other side you have a solid molle panel that you can use your favorite molle accessories. Each of the straps is adjustable and can be cinched down for proper gear maintenance.

What I enjoyed about the Chest Rig was that it wasn’t too big yet had plenty of real estate for anything I wanted to attach in just about. The main configuration I used the rig for was the four mag pouches. The elastic material the pouches are made of is very nice and provides the right amount of tension to retain the mags.

For this review, I paired the Chest Rig with the United States Tactical S-1 sling, since I liked it so much from my last review and their covert belt. The Chest Rig sits close enough to my body to stay out of the way of the sling and doesn’t catch while transitioning to my pistol. While at the point with either my pistol or AR, the Chest Rig does not get in the way nor bind due to the cut.

I really liked the addition of the admin pouch. It is great use of the dead space between the four mag pouches and molle panel. To top that off, I was really impressed by the addition of the magnet used to secure the admin pouch at the top of the rig. There is a small tag of material that you pull to open and close. The magnet is powerful enough to keep the contents in and easy enough to manipulate with one hand, very good idea.


June 8, 2018

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